I have been a customer of Secard for more than 20 years.I buy above ground pool liners because I can't afford inground.

They used to make a good liner that lasted for about ten years. The last liner I bought lasted two years. They refused to honor the warranty that was supposed to be 10 years on the seams. They don't even answer phone calls or emails.

Their price for a liner with an expandable bottom is the best I can find, even beating the internet so I'm stuck.

Be careful.If you buy liners from them, be aware that they will be friendly when you order but that's it.

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I am in the market for a pool and was about to get an Islander pool. Luckily, I searched for reviews and found this. I guess I will look for a different company.


I had the same experience with a liner and I was told it was "user error". However when I had a former employee install a new liner he told me the old liner was cut too short!!! Not only did I get a better liner but I found out they were alot cheaper than getting another from Secard.

to Mike Johnson Los Angeles, California, United States #641748

We had the exact same problem.We have gone through three liners in ten years.

Every time we get the same song and dance from Bobby Cannon. It's always our fault in that we don't take care of it to the same excuse "something's don't last for that long when exposed to the environment". They never installed it correctly and and after we told them, got the same answer, that it is installed properly. The liner was cut too short thus making the corners stretch and tear.

Their product is inferior and their customer service is substandard. They don't back up their warranty in the hopes you will resign and just purchase another liner. Well, we won't be doing so this time.

We plan to go with a competitor.I truly regret getting this secard pool.


It’s great to hear that this customer has been with us for over 20 years and that they are happy with our friendly service. However, we never like our clients to feel like one of our products is inferior. Quality as well as value is very important to us. Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to tell what is a quality issue and what may have been caused by user error. Regardless, I hope this individual will contact me so we can try to get this issue straightened out for them.

Bob Cannon

Operations Manager

Secard Pools

to Bob Cannon Los Angeles, California, United States #641755

You are not true to your words, Mr.Cannon.

You were at our house today and not only were you arrogant, but you had no intention to satisfy or have any concern over our repeated complaints. You left us with the impression that you don't care your liners don't last for their warrantied period, but thought it was nothing for us to shell out more money for a third liner in ten years. We intend to make our opinions known to consumers. You have a habit of always blaming the "user".

You don't make an effort to let the customer know of potential problems with the liners or ways to solve problems such as covers, etc. (which were NEVER relayed to us).

instead you are banking on the fact that you want to blame the consumer and hope to sell another liner so your company makes money.Shame on you and your company.

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